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Girl: English: Aefled: A desirable and understanding person: Girl: English: Aeileua: Unique, wonderful and energetic being: Girl: English: Aeilgyuu: A rational, individualistic and approachable being: Girl: English: Aeldid: A nymph counsellor: Girl: English: Aelfdane: One who earn or deserve elf powers: Girl: English,Norse: Aelfrida: One who has the mystical strength: Girl: English: Aelfsig English Girl Names. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Boys. Girls. Adamaris Graceful and noble. Suggest Name. Addison Adam's child. Suggest Name. Africa Cave

English girl names range from the down-to-earth and simple, like Lucy and Ann, to positively aristocratic-sounding, like Georgiana or Araminta. Some English girl names are vintage word names, often drawn from nature, such as Hazel and Lilac Along with longtime top name Amelia, girl names that rank among Britain 's Top 100 include Poppy, Freya, Phoebe, Elsie, Imogen, Harriet, Nancy, and Florence. Olivia, Sophia, and Charlotte are popular in both the UK and the US Girl: British: Gudytha: They love adventure,excitement and freedom.They are warm-hearted and unusually adaptable. Girl: British: Christianity: Guenhumara: They are very hardworking and want to live with family and friends. Girl: British: Christianity: Guenhwyvar: They are idealistic and love to live in dreams.They are understanding,hardworking and intelligent. Girl: Britis English Girl Names (A-Z List) The ultimate A-Z list of English girl names, complete with name meanings and origins for all English baby girl names. Check it out! eBabyNames News: Zzyzx voted most bizarre name ever used for a baby

Names may have a number of variants, for example, Catherine, Cathryn, Cathleen, Katherine, Kathryn, Kathrine, Katharine, Katrina, Kathleen; Margaret, Margarita, Marguerite, Margret, Margareta, Margarete, Margarette, Marjorie, Margery 'One who lives in the ash tree grove'. It is one of the modern English baby girl names. Audrey: Strength: Ava 'Bird' or 'the living one' or 'life'. It may also be spelt as Eva. Badra: Full Moon, Pretty, Goddess Durga: Beatrice 'She who makes you happy'. It is also spelt Beatrix. Belinda 'Beautiful'. One of its other variants is 'Bella'. 'Bright linden tree' or 'bright serpent' Pretty girls names beginning with B. Belle. Meaning : With French origin, Belle is short for Isabella and means 'Beautiful'. Bridgette. Meaning : With French origin, Bridgette means 'Strength' and is associated with the mythological Celtic goddess of fire and poetry. Blossom Serenity is a name for a baby girl that invokes a sense of calm and love. The name is of English origin, and fittingly, means serene. This name is one that most of us have heard of, but it is still rare to find a baby girl with the name. It is not going to be that way much longer

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Most popular Old English girl names. The most popular Old English names for girls also include: Olivia - Famous bearers are Olivia Newton John, actress very well known for her great role in Grease and Olivia Wilde, actress, well known for her role in Dr. House. Charlotte - One of the most famous Charlotte's is Bronte, a great poet and author In 2017, it was the 568th most popular name on Nameberry.com, and in 2016, it was the 44th most popular name for English girls. Libby is a sweet shortening that is as adorable as it is comely. Girls named Liberty are positive, independent and self-assured. They are creative, inventive and possess a contagious optimism that makes them a joy to be around. They are practical, agreeable and born. ABRIANNA : English feminine form of Hebrew Abraham , meaning father of a multitude. ACACIA : English name derived from the tree name, from Latin acacia, from Greek akakia, meaning thorny Egyptian tree. Besides the flowering shrub or tree, Acacia is also the name of a fraternity

Names for Girls. These common English names are popularly given to girls. The list includes spelling variations. Shortened forms or nicknames are in brackets. These are first names, also called given names. First names tend to vary in popularity from year to year, and also between countries. For example, a popular first name in England may not be so popular in Australia or Canada - and. You are now seeing English girls names from A to H. Click here to see names from I to Z. Ada (Wealthy) Adda (Wealthy) Adia (Wealthy) Alsatia (From Alsace) Altha (Healer) Arden (Eagle valley) Click a name to add to your English baby list But one thing's for sure: You've definitely tossed around more than a few ideas for that perfect baby girl name, even though you may not be settled on a main contender just yet. Scroll on to find the top 1,000 baby girl names for 2017, as shared by the Social Security Administration. With 1,000 baby girl names to choose from, you definitely have PLENTY of choices

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  1. THE MEANING OF ENGLISH NAMES. Have you ever wondered what an English first name means? Would you like to know the meaning of an English Christian name in order to choose a name for your baby? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then this is the page for you! Below is a list of the most common British, American and Australian first names for girls and what they mean. Perfect for.
  2. This name generator will generate 10 random American names, mostly English in origin, but with others mixed in as well. The USA is obviously an incredibly diverse country in a wide range of ways. A plethora of family histories and backgrounds leads to a whole lot of different names and surnames, many of which are covered in this generator. I did focus primarily on names with more English or European origins as other backgrounds are covered by many of the other real name generators on this.
  3. The top girls names that moms and dads are loving now can also give you an idea of the trends in girls names, and provide inspiration. You might decide that you don't love any of the names on the top 100 girls names list and wish to find a unique girls name instead, but maybe now you have an idea of the style of names you prefer. Either way, you're closer to finding the perfect baby girl.
  4. English Background. English was first brought to Great Britain by Anglo-Saxons in the 5th century in the form of Old English. Since then, it has gone through stages of Middle English and Early Modern English and gradually has become the first global lingua franca, international language of communications, science, information technology, business, aviation, and others

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Unique Baby Girl Names And Meanings. There are so many things to keep in mind while thinking of the best name for your baby girl. Some names have become associated with certain movie characters or cartoons and can be a reason for bullying. You can study a lot about particular gems, traits, and other things that come along with the name you. Merritt: This very pretty English name means boundary gate. Ottilie: A cute, feminine form of Otto, this name was popular in the 1800s. Nicknames include Tillie and Lottie. Rayne: This name means queen. Viola: This was the name of the charmer in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Zadie: This girls' name was popular in the pioneer days Pages in category English female given names The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 3,291 total. (previous page) ( We've put together a lengthy list of baby girl names that'll make it easy and enjoyable to find the perfect name. (Revolutionary, no?) We included some of the most popular girl names for 2021, as well as unique baby girl names that'll give your little chick something special right from the get-go. Pick something pretty like Delilah, which means delicate woman, or go with something plucky like Zelda, which means fighting in darkness. A name can certainly say a lot.

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English Girl Names » M. The Fifth Month of the Year; . May; Goddess of Spring Growth; . To Increase; Kinswomen; Mother; . Love; Pearl; Great and Mighty; . Sea-bright; Sea of Bitterness; . Beauty; Mine; Beloved; Always . Weapon; Derived from Mediaeval . Armed; Weapon; Matthews Estate; The feminine form of Daniel, Danielle has enjoyed a long history of popularity. And like many other names that were huge... Read More. Daisy. There's something just so cheerful and friendly about the name Daisy. And much likes its fellow flower sisters Lily and Rose... Read More Every so often there comes along an era when unusual naming is particularly fashionable. The 17th century was one of those times. Below is a list of British girls names found amongst 17th century records. More will be posted at a later date as will some boys names. Remember that the letter h was usually silent i Popular English Baby Names. son of Adam. Addison Verrill is a cele.. counsel from elves. Romantic poet Alfr.. A form of Alice which means noble or.. A form of Alice meaning noble or br.. A form of Hanna, meaning grace. Amon. Die beliebtesten Babynamen in England und Wales Geburtsjahr 2019 Oliver und Olivia waren 2019 die beliebtesten Babynamen in England und Wales. Freya und Lily haben Ella und Emily aus den Top 10 verdrängt

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  1. The #1 baby names in 2014 for England and Wales were Amelia and Oliver. Amelia managed to maintain its #1 spot for the fourth year running, and Oliver for the second year
  2. o, and Jinx. Some have better meanings than others, but they're all tough cookies! If you're searching for a name that's a little less showy, why not turn to badass women in history for inspiration
  3. g trends. You can specify the gender and quantity to generate. Spencer Dixon (male) Lexie Lawrence (female) Skyler Thomas (neutral) Ruby Allen (female) Bennie Cunningham (neutral) Casey Scott (neutral) Jude Hopkins (neutral) Louise May (female) Maddox Read (neutral) Zak Green (male) Jamie James (male) Sara Reid (female) Archie Lee (male
  4. ine suffixes iel and wen to most of them, making a translation of the name Adele (meaning Noble) Arwen (Noble Maiden). In some cases I have added meaningless letters to Elvish-ize the names, the most common being dh and th (Cuguwen [Dove Maiden] doesn't sound quite Elvish, but Cugedhiel does). I have not.
  5. You want a baby name that is different than anyone else's name. If so, these exotic girl names will be perfect. We have a list of 100 exotic girl names to get you started. You can use these as a first name, middle name or pick two names from the list for the first and [
  6. Our female name generator is very similar to our first name generator except that it focusses on name for girls. You can prioritise different birth years, backgrounds and personalities to find the perfect female name, as well as selecting by initial or ending. Please keep your input family friendly
  7. Here's our list of baby girl names that mean love, light, happiness and more. Sophia: Wise. Emma: Whole or complete. Olivia: Olive, symbol of peace. Hannah: Favor or grace. Mia: A wished-for.

From the Old English name Eadgyð, derived from the elements ead wealth, fortune and gyð war. It was popular among Anglo-Saxon royalty, being borne for example by Saint Eadgyeth;, the daughter of King Edgar the Peaceful. The name remained common after the Norman Conquest. It became rare after the 15th century, but was revived in the 19th century A lot of common names for girls work in both English and Japanese, most notably あんな (Anna), えま (Ema), and にな (Nina). There are also some less common names that make good equivalents to Western names. あん (An), for example, is not a common name in Japan, but foreign families may bring it back as it sounds exactly like Ann Lovely Girl Names from Old English, French, and Greek Origin . Desdemona - Greek name meaning ill-starred, and a character in Othello. If you're a fan of William Shakespeare's writing, this name just might be meant for you! Elektra - Greek name meaning shining, or amber, or incandescent. Kamala - This is a Sanskrit (or Greek) name meaning lotus, which. The name of a tree whose name comes from the Old English word welig. This name could be reminiscent of the tranquillity of willow tree branches swaying gently in the breeze. Short and Unique Baby Girl Names. If you're looking for a baby girl name that's short and sweet, try one of these: Enya. This is the English form of Eithne, which means. Meaning: From the Welsh name Llywelyn, which means leader. Walker Meaning: Occupational name for someone who presses or beats cloth. Payne Meaning: Rustic or countryman. Baker Meaning: Occupational name for a baker. Owen Meaning: From the Welsh name Owain, which means noble or well-born. Holmes Meaning: Island. Chapman Meaning: Trader, monger, or merchant. Web

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English Girls Names Letters D to I Discover the beautiful girls' names like Daisy, Donna, Ellen and much more. Name: Description: Popularity: Daisy: The name comes from the flower ***** Darlene: From the English word Darling * Davida: Feminine form of David * Dawn: Mean in English - daybreak ** Deborah: Biblical name *** Dee: Pet name of Dorothy * Deirdre: From Celtic legend Deidre of the. By the 14th century, there were fewer than a thousand names in use, the most popular being John and Alice. In 2009, there were 60,900 names in use in England and Wales, the most popular being Oliver and Olivia

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  1. Babynology has more than thousands of British baby names and meanings. Here you can deluge yourself with the distinctive list of England names. Just browse the modern British babies names shortlist British name from a-z alphabetic order and get the British baby name of your choice. You can pick up the best British names of your choices along with meaning, popularity, numerology, comments and many more. Babynology has collection of 6177 British Names with meaning
  2. Popular Girl Names. Home; Girl Names; Search the most popular baby girl names & pick one that they will love! Find a random name, or discover the traditional meanings & unique origins of girl names of all kinds - you will even find inspiration for the best pet names for your dog or cat
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  5. A very familiar girls' name (#44 IN 2018) which also exists somewhat frequently as a last name. [Zorica, Zora, Rora, Ora, Aurore,. 2 more] Beatrice. and revived in the 19th century. Adoption of Beatrice and variants as baby names in 2018 was 81% more than a decade ago. [Trixy, Trix, Beeatrix, Beeatrice, Beatrix, Beatriss, Beatie,. 17 more] Becky. in the 18th and 19th centuries.

It is an English origin name of baby girls. The name Eartha came from the old English word eorthe means worldly. It refers to the planet earth. 10. Flora. It is a famous Scottish girl name derived from Latin word flos which means flower. In mythology, Flora was the name of the Roman goddess of springtime. 11. Florence. It is a beautiful feminine English name. The name came from. It should of some use to anyone thinking about choosing a name for a baby or interested in finding out what their own name means. Top 10 English names. A - C / D - F / G - I / J - L / M - O / P - R / S - U / V - Z. Aaron. Enlightened. Abbott. Father. Abel. Breath Gender-neutral names - those that work for boys and girls alike - can be utterly charming, giving male and female bearers a dash of strength and sensitivity. It's no wonder parents like to borrow names from the other gender. (Did you know that Lindsey and Hilary used to be strictly for boys?) Here are names that work for either sex

English Girl Names. A collection of English Girl Names, Popular and Unique English Girl Names Unisex Korean Girl Names List With Multiple Meanings. Many Korean names given to girls are often unisex and have multiple meanings. The meaning is determined by the Hanja (Chinese characters) that are used to write the syllables. This creates a variety of meanings for each word; examples are given but for ones with more than a few meanings, they are noted as having more. Related Articles. 148. Dutch Names & Nicknames and their English Equivalent Dutch names can be very difficult to figure out. There are two kinds of Dutch diminuitives: the sh ortened Dutch name and the endearing Dutch name. The shortened name was used by the Dutch for both males and females. The endearing diminuitive was used exclusively for female names English Baby Names. Here are your search results for English Baby Names.Click on a name to find the name meaning, popularity, origin and other useful information From northern English place names meaning high burial mound in Old English. It was borne by Mary Queen of Scot's infamous third husband, James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwall. Other famous bearers include the actresses Katharine Hepburn (1907-2003) and Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993)

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The 40 Most Popular British Royal Baby Names of the Past 200 Years. BY Jennifer M Wood. May 8, 2019 . Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images. For the average parents-to-be, choosing a moniker. Pages in category English masculine given names The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 455 total. This list may not reflect recent changes . (previous page) A. Aaron (given name) Ab (given name) Abraham (given name) Absalom (name) Adam (given name) Addison (name) Adel (name) Adolf ; Adrian. In short Top 100 Baby Names Search has provided you plenty of great names to choose from throughout the entire website. So enjoy. So enjoy. Click here for Old English Girl Names.. Unusual and exotic sounding Irish girl names.These are the popular Irish names for girls including the Gaelic origins, meanings, and spellings. You can listen to the author Frank McCourt pronounce every girls name in vivid description. This is a great way to find out how to exactly pronounce female Irish names

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Christian Girl Name. Naming a baby is always seems confusing as a parent gets a lot of suggestions for the baby names. Due to a vast ocean of choices, Christian parents found this naming process difficult but now no more difficulty in finding a Christian girl name. Hamariweb has brought this amazing page that has gathered the best Christian girl names which would leave you in epiphany. All the. Random British Name Generator. Name Generator Settings. Show me. random names from A random name generator is useful for anyone who needs, well, a list of random names! Uses include authors who want a realistic set of names they can put into fiction, roleplayers who want realistic names for their characters and programmers who want plausible looking names for test data. You can choose from a. name search Whether you're looking for an exclusively British name, or an English name in general, this list has some of the most popular baby names from the UK. Our list contains perfect names for both baby boys and girls to retain a sense of British charm Also if you are looking for a name for your baby and you don't know the sex then you might also find our sister website useful English Girls names. Most Popular English Boys Names Here's a list of the most popular baby boys names in England in 2017

English Girl Names » S Sal. Sav. Sea. Sep. Sya. Syd. Sym. Sabe. Sade. Sage. Saig. Samy. Sary. Sazu. Sely. Sens. Shar. Shei. Shir. Sica. Sien. Skye. Snow. Suci. Susy. Suzi. Swan. Sabby. Sabel. Sable. Sabyn. Saeva. Sagia. Saige. Saily. Saiua. Salal. Salee. Salie.. Names like Genevieve and Antonella are long girl names that are especially without borders, sounding stunning in English and beyond. For a taste of exotic flair, Veronique and Tatiana offer a wallop of international beauty, too. Long names for girls are some of the most feminine out there, as proven by show-stopping names like Gabriella and Mirabella. But, if you're looking for strength. Gender Boy Girl Both. Popularity. All. Show only top names. Exclude top names. Meaning, origin, theme... Name meaning. Origin Any African American American Indian Anglo-Saxon Arabic Armenian Basque Celtic Chechen Chinese Dutch English French Gaelic German Ghanaian Greek Hawaiian Hebrew Hindi Hindu Hungarian Indian Irish Italian Japanese Korean. practice english listening dictation exercise Spelling Names - Female Names. DailyDictation Home Exercises Top Users English Expressions Study with a teacher Support us Login Register Exercises Spelling Names Female Names Female Names. Loading... Listen with transcript. Hide Ads. Home.

Andrea, Andi and Andie are Top 2000 baby names. [Onndria, Onndrea, Ondria, Ondrea, Ohndreea, Ohndrea, Drena, Dreena, Andrina, Andrietta,. 42 more] Anthea.. reinvented by English 17th century poets. Anthea, Annthea, etc. became more trendy in 2018, rising +28 rankings as birth names with Ann gaining the most. [Thia, Antia,. 7 more Amber heißt übersetzt Bernstein. Im englischsprachigen Raum ist der Name vor allem in den USA beliebt, kommt aber auch in England vor. Catherine Die englische Form von Katharina gehört zu den meist verbreiteten Mädchennamen in England. Catherine bedeutet die Reine und dank Herzogin Kate erlebte der traditionelle Vorname in den letzten Jahren einen noch größeren Boom Unisex Names and Nicknames. A unisex name is the same name that is given to a boy or a girl: Alexis, Clare, Gale, Kimberly. Some male names are now also used as female names, for example, Ashley, Casey, Jordan, Taylor. Many nicknames are the same for male or female names, for example, Chris for Christopher (m.) or Christina (f.); Mel for Melvin. For example, the name Alex may be given to a boy or a girl. Some unisex names are associated with longer, gender-specific names, for example Alexander (male), Alexandra (female). These are first names, also called given names. First names tend to vary in popularity from year to year, and also between countries Famous Namesakes: American gospel singer Mavis Staples, the Selena Gomez-voiced lead female character in Hotel Transylvania. General Overview: Like Phyllis, Gladys and Doris, Mavis is making a renaissance after a few decades where these names would seem best suited for a litter of pets. Ragtime queen Winifred Atwell

What are some of those names? Here's a list from the book Freakonomics, by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, showing the top 20 whitest- and blackest-sounding girl and boy names The results are in for BabyCentre's top 100 girls' names of 2016! BabyCentre parents are getting connected to the natural world in 2016, with nature-themed girls' names climbing throughout the top 100. Flower-inspired names are doing well, with Lily climbing one spot to second place and Poppy, Ivy, Violet and Daisy all moving up the chart too Cute Names For Baby Girls A. Addison, Adley, Agnes, Amara, Amelia, Amie, Arabella, Aria, Aspen, Aubrey, Aurelie, Ava, Avery. B. Bailey, Beatrice, Bexley, Birdie, Braelynn, Brea, Bree, Brinley. Comment. A'lynn. Aabriella. Aadison. Aagot. Aahliyah. Aaid. Aailiyah For example, our top three girls' names have 20 variations of spelling between them. Lily has five, Emily has seven, and Isabella has an astonishing eight possible spellings (Isabella, Isabela, Issabella, Izabelah, Izabela, Izabella, Izzabella, Izabella). This year Lily has leapt four places to take the number-one spot in the girls' names chart

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Females; Rank Name Number Name Number; 1: Michael: 707,629: Jennifer: 581,766: 2: Christopher: 475,605: Amy: 269,001: 3: Jason: 462,926: Melissa: 253,285: 4: David: 445,940: Michelle: 249,145: 5: James: 444,922: Kimberly: 229,105: 6: John: 402,824: Lisa: 228,688: 7: Robert: 397,399: Angela: 225,251: 8: Brian: 322,826: Heather: 203,917: 9: William: 283,547: Stephanie: 160,470: 10: Matthew: 277,935: Nicole: 144,670: 11: Joseph: 244,938: Jessica: 143,498: 12: Danie Mylah — This is an English girl's name meaning soldier (we're getting Mulan vibes!). 170. Jaslynn — The meaning of this French and Persian-origin moniker is jasmine (another. Classical Greek and Latin names became popular during the 18 th century, especially for girls. Fanciful adaptations of existing girls' names, often with the addition of '-bel' or '-inda' were made. The Latin forms of male names which had only been found in written form during the Middle Ages were revived as spoken forms (Phillippa, Juliana) and the practice of adding '-ine' or '-ina' to a male name to form a female one resulted in many new girls' names. In the 1 Try one of these creative female dog names: Audrey - a French name for noble strength Bridget - an Irish name that means power and life strength Gertrude - a German name that means spear of strength Lenna - an old German name meaning strength of a lion Maliha - a Muslim name for beautiful strength Mildred - an English name for gentle powe

English Baby Names: Addis: Son of Adam. English Baby Names, Hebrew Baby Names: Addison: Son of Adam. English Baby Names, American Baby Names: Addney: Lives on the noble's island. English Baby. An excellent primer on late-period English names, including lists of common men's and women's given names, a list of more than 1000 surnames, and discussion of patterns of name construction. English Names from Pre-1600 Brass Inscriptions, by Julian Goodwyn An analysis of names collected from a survey of English funerary brasses. The data range from the 12th to the 16th century, but are. When it comes to the most common royal female names, Louise makes a surprising appearance in third place. So here is the full list of the most popular British royal baby names - Harry and Meghan.

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Mack, Lauren. (2020, October 29). Write Your Name in Madarin Chinese With These Helpful Translations. Retrieved from https://www.thoughtco.com/chinese-and-english-names-688196 Mack, Lauren. Write Your Name in Madarin Chinese With These Helpful Translations Trends, styles and quirks of British names. British Baby Names. Home; About; Name Lists; Names of the Week; Name Data; Requests; Top 1000 England & Wales; Top 1000 Scotland; Top 500 Northern Ireland; 21/03/2021. UK Birth Announcements 15/3/21-21/3/21 . Below is a round-up of the birth announcements from British newspapers. Sources include a national paper (The Telegraph, The Times) and a broad. #40 English-Hebrew names for girls List of the most compatible feminine names These names appeared in the most languages, so if you pick one of the following, it would sound familiar to people all around the world The current English name-stock is larger and more varied than at any time in its history, and it is changing with an ever greater speed, with even the most popular names moving in and out of fashion within less than a decade. New names are freely created, though few of them become commonly used unless coined or adopted by influential celebrities. It is also harder than it used to be to. If you're looking for Old English names, this Old English name generator is built to be a starting point! Each name is computer-generated and we encourage you to do further research on naming traditions and meanings for your exact region. Random. Male. Female. Generated 5 random names with surnames

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Matthews estimates that 90 percent of the institution's female and 65 percent of its male students have English first names. As for the unconventional names, he said they initially arose in part. Here are just 100 unique girls' names to inspire your baby-naming process. These names may just allow you to fall in love with a baby girl name before you fall in love with your new baby girl herself When I found out I was expecting twins, I had hoped one of them would be a girl.. Surely ONE of them will be a girl, I thought. I already had a boy, and just as I had selected a classic name for him, I did the same for a possible girl.. I wanted pretty vintage names to stand the test of time, but I also didn't want them to be too old that they'd be dated Baby Girl Names / Girl Names. Browse baby girl names and meanings. Each list of girl names shows the baby girl name meanings and their origins. In addition to baby girls names, at Baby Name World you will find thousands of other unique and popular male and female baby names and their meaning sorted by origin

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The #1 names for boys and girls remain the same for 1900, 1890 and 1880: William and Mary. What is different is the declining number of children given these names over that time period: William 1880 - 50,525 births 1890 - 45,925 births 1900 - 44,912 births. Mary 1880 - 39,612 births 1890 - 27,802 births 1900 - 22,194 birth Search Baby Names. Search baby names by meaning, name, syllables, origin and gender. BabyNames.com is one of the most accurate sources of names and meanings online, maintained by international name scholars. Are you a Writer? Check out our Tips for Writers on naming your characters When it comes to the girls' names, that's not so surprising: all five names have been reigning champions throughout the 2010s. Like Jennifer in the '70s, Jessica in the '80s, Ashley in the '90s, and Emily in the '00s, Emma is the girls' name of the decade. It's been near the top of the charts since the early 2000s, and one of the top five most popular names for much of the 2010s. Famous Namesakes: English writer Charlotte Bronte, American author Charlotte Armstrong, American model Charlotte McKinney, French architect and designer Charlotte Perriand, American singer Charlotte Ann Martin, American actress Charlotte Rae, American actress Charlotte Ross, American actress Charlotte D'Amboise, Princess of the U.K. Charlotte Elizabeth Dian

Names with [L] following them are found only in Latin contexts. Some names (e.g. Thomas, Anna) are found in both Latin and English contexts. The dates listed here are according to the old English calendar, where the New Year started in March. Dates listed with an asterisk are ones which in standard reckoning would be advanced by one year. I am using the same three letter codes that Julie uses. Flower names for girls 1. Lily. This English name is a symbol of innocence and purity, which is exactly how your tiny babe comes into the world. Lily could be a nickname for Lillian or Lilliana if you're looking for a more formal option. Lily is currently one of the most popular baby names in England and Wales. 2. Rose. This charming botanical name, of Latin origin, has tons of variations. (Terms related to names are described in English Names in the section Vocabulary.) Names may have a number of variants, for example, Stephen, Steven, Stephan, Steffan; Terence, Terrence, Terry. Many nicknames are used as given names, for example, Jack as a nickname for John, and Jack as an independent given name; Harry as a nickname for Henry, and Harry as an independent given name

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A Dictionary of British Surnames, 2nd ed., Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1976. This will also tell you correct 16th-century spellings for names in this article's surname list, some of which are given in their 14th- or 15th-century forms. Ekwall, Eilert. The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-names. Clarendon Press: Oxford, 1989. A good source. RARE MEDIEVAL ENGLISH NAMES List of male and female unusual names from various sources MEDIEVAL ENGLISH RULERS NAMES Names of English Rulers - Norman, Plantagenet, Tudor, Stewart, Commonwealth, Restoration, Hanover, Saxe-Coburg, Windsor KINGS AND QUEENS OF ENGLAND Brief list of names KINGS AND QUEENS OF ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND All of the names, and some of the people around them MISPLACED. While some baby girl names hold a timeless appeal, others offer a more contemporary twist. Some names tend to rise and wane in popularity, while others enjoy a solitary, trending year in the spotlight. We know this is a really big decision, but with so many available options, we're sure you'll soon find the most idyllic baby girl name for your precious bundle of joy. BABY GIRL NAMES. By.

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Browse English baby names and meanings. Each list of English names can be sorted by English baby girl names or English baby boy names. In addition to American baby names, at Baby Name World you will find thousands of other unique and popular male and female baby names and their meaning sorted by origin Want a baby girl name that will stand the test of time? Here are the best baby girl names with beautiful meanings, whether they're historical, biblical, or personal Meaning & Origin Did you know that Matthew 1.6m means Gift of God? Find out if your name means beauty, hope, power, bravery, or something different. Learn the origin of your name: English, Hebrew, Spanish, German, or another origin Looking for a unique and edgy name for your baby? Stay ahead of the baby names game with these super cool, futuristic baby names. Browse our futuristic baby names list to find the perfect name for your baby Looking for unique and popular baby girl names starting with the letter E? Browse the list of top 100 cute names, including Emma and Elizabet

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